Having worked in the international TV news industry, I now enjoy my retirement and voluntary work for ADHD Richmond.

It was in the global news environment, as a writer, reporter & presenter that three international TV networks chose me for my judgement, instincts and analysis. I was their ambassador: championing and ensuring their brand and image were safeguarded.

I relished the editorial responsibility of being live on-air; absorbing complex information, dissecting it and explaining matters in a coherent and captivating form; sharing accurate information and detail with the public

As a communications practitioner I had to be quick-thinking and utterly multi-skilled; working under pressure of deadlines.

Being a dedicated team player has always been paramount in my career; working with technical staff and production units alike.

I am a social media devotee and this is now my passion; creating campaigns and embracing this is now the life-blood of business.[/embedhe

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