#Australia ‘s #Channel9 #news promo looks like #BBC ‘s version

#Australia ‘s #Channel9 #news promo looks like #BBC ‘s version

Channel 9’s promo for its Today show was copied, at moments, word for word from the BBC’s promotional advert.




Merry #Christmas to you – with a #Japanese flavour

Merry #Christmas to you – with a #Japanese flavour


#Catt Sadler: US #TV host quits over equal pay dispute

#Catt Sadler: US #TV host quits over equal pay dispute

“How can I remain silent when my rights under the law have been violated? How can we make it better for the next generation of girls if we do not stand for what is fair and just today?”



#Murdoch sells to #WaltDisney

#Murdoch sells to #WaltDisney

I make an appearance at 01.21



#BBC apologises after showing wrong actor during report of #Bollywood star Shashi Kapoor’s death

#BBC apologises after showing wrong actor during report of #Bollywood star Shashi Kapoor’s death


#AledJones axed by #BBC from #Christmas episodes of #SongsofPraise over sexual harassment claims

#AledJones axed by #BBC from #Christmas episodes of #SongsofPraise over sexual harassment claims


#CharlieRose suspended by #CBS: 8 women accuse him of sexual harrassment

#CharlieRose suspended by #CBS: 8 women accuse him of sexual harrassment


#Sky threatens to shut down #SkyNews to aid #Fox takeover

#Sky threatens to shut down #SkyNews to aid #Fox takeover

Some fear the deal would give Rupert Murdoch’s family too much control over the UK media


John Humphrys branded ‘dinosaur’ over remark about rape trials @BBCToday

John Humphrys branded ‘dinosaur’ over remark about rape trials @BBCToday


. @susannareid100 apologises on @GMB to @_DionneWarwick over @WhitHouston24x7 questions

. @susannareid100 apologises on @GMB to @_DionneWarwick over @WhitHouston24x7 questions

Susanna wanted to bring up Whitney because of BBC Two’s recent documentary called Whitney: Can I Be Me which contained some new and explosive information about the singing superstar.


Former #TyneTees presenter Mike Neville MBE dies

Former #TyneTees presenter Mike Neville MBE dies


Despatched to #Balmoral on #Diana ‘s honeymoon rtn

Despatched to #Balmoral on #Diana ‘s honeymoon rtn

20 years ago today, as a young reporter for Grampian TV in Northern Scotland, I was sent to report on the return from honeymoon of HRH Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was an organised photo shoot by the Palace in the hope that the Press would then leave the newly-married couple in peace. That, as we know now, didn’t have much success at all.

The questions we threw at the pair that day about how they had enjoyed their holiday were innocent and hopeful for the future; again, as we know now, they were futile because it was already a sham marriage. The young bride had a desperate time as she discovered her new husband was still in love with his old flame, Camilla. She found he had a photograph of Camilla with him and noticed the Prince was wearing a pair of gold cufflinks engraved with interwoven Cs.”

We all wanted their marriage to be perfect and for her to be our Queen one day. What a dreadful arranged marriage it turned out to be. Princes Diana worked hard to find a place in her life after the Royal rejection and her death leaves us still to wonder about it all. Today, we can only give our thoughts to Princes William and Harry and let Diana rest in peace

#ITN are recruiting for 2 #media apprenticeships

#ITN are recruiting for 2 #media apprenticeships. Are you interested?


Sir #BruceForsyth: #BBC considers permanent tribute

Sir #BruceForsyth: #BBC considers permanent tribute


#Radio #Caroline: Golden age of #British pirate radio remembered, 50 years on via @ABCNews

#Radio #Caroline: Golden age of #British pirate radio remembered, 50 years on via @ABCNews

The pirate radio stations quickly attracted millions of listeners desperate to hear the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.


Ex- #TV producer to appeal against conviction for hiring hitman

Ex- #TV producer to appeal against conviction for hiring hitman

Former producer of the police drama series The Bill, had claimed he was researching a spy novel and denied solicitation to murder


#Fox #News host Eric Bolling suspended over ‘lewd messages’

#Fox #News host Eric Bolling suspended over ‘lewd messages’

Eric Bolling, a long-time host at the network, allegedly sent the messages on separate occasions several years ago.


Video c 1979 #BBC 1 #Midlands Closedown

Video c 1979 #BBC 1 #Midlands Closedown

This was one of the very last Closedowns from Pebble Mill as the axe came down on the Presentation Dept. Thanks to Chris Howles for recording it

#BBC pay: 10 female presenters set to sue over gender pay gap via @independent

BBC pay: 10 female presenters ‘set to sue public broadcaster over gender pay gap’


#SkyTv How #broadcaster has fared over 30 yrs via @Guardian

#SkyTv How #broadcaster has fared over 30 yrs via @Guardian

From its 1989 launch to #FoxTV ’s £11.7bn takeover bid in 2017, we chart the fate of Rupert #Murdoch ’s #TV empire through the years

(I am standing between Murdoch and Andrew Neil)